<strong>ACTIVE IM</strong>
Healthy Anti-Inflammation Response Support Supplement by AVIDACO

30-day supply of ACTIVE IM
30 servings, 6 pouches
(5 servings per pouch)
Price: $79.99
Approximate Gross Shipping Weight:
1 lbs
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Supplement Facts
• Advanced Strength of MSM for Supporting the Health of Connective Tissues and Cells

• Powerful Combinations of Ingredients to Support a Healthy Anti-Inflammation Response

• L-Glutamine to Support Muscle Recovery

• Potent Combinations of Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes that Assist in Digestion

• Delivered in an Effervescent Formula for Maximum Absorption
ACTIVE IM is a premier dietary supplement designed by medical professionals and athletes to support a healthy anti-inflammation response. This potent and dynamic effervescent powdered formula containing: MSM, herbs, minerals, systemic proteolytic enzymes and vitamins are developed for maximum absorption and assimilation into the body. You will find the ACTIVE IM ginger flavor stimulatingly refreshing.*
Innovative combination of ingredients
ACTIVE IM, manufactured in a NSF GMP Registered for Sport facility, has proprietary blends to support a healthy environment for the body’s natural response to inflammation and enzymes that assist in digestion. Our product contains ingredients to support: muscle recovery, joint health while contributing to stronger bones.*
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

“I heard about AVIDACO’s new product ACTIVE IM from some friends. I went online and compared the product’s supplements facts vs. what I was buying from a local health food store. WOW… ACTIVE IM was more than 5 times the strength for a similar price. I ordered ACTIVE IM and glad I did as my overall mobility has improved 10 fold!”

Danielle L.

“Thanks to AVIDACO, I know longer have to mix various herbs, minerals and vitamins purchased separately. ACTIVE IM has the ingredients I need all in one daily scoop. So much more convenient. Love the tangy taste of ginger.”

Jeff B.

“Inflammation has always been my problem. As a former competitive athlete my body has basically worn itself out. Have tried various supplements to find natural comfort. Not until trying ACTIVE IM by AVIDACO have I felt this good. ”

Jim S.




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